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Charlie Brown Commercialization

Do you think Charlie Brown would object that his own little tree has been commercialized? $20 for a replica—and plastic no less—tree.  I’m sure he would be appalled.  You can buy yours on Amazon.

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I think there should be a rule put in place about commercial repetition. I get tired of the same commercial playing over and over and over. A specific commercial should only be able to run once every 2 hours on a given channel. Also, they should have a short expiration date. Think of the Superbowl – all new commercials that people actually watch and you don’t see the same one twice.

If ABC has to run 6 minutes of commercials to pay the bills, at least give me some variety.

November 28, 2011 at 1:06 pm 3 comments

Attempting to watch Discovery Channel videos

Has anyone else noticed how terrible The Discovery Channel is about it’s online videos?  Want to catch an episode of Mythbusters you missed?  Well, you can watch a few portions of it, in the form of a 13 clip playlist – with a 30 second commercial between each one.  Oh, and did I mention that the video clips are as short at 17 seconds?

Perhaps, if you could actually see the whole episode this way, I could deal with it.  You would be able to jump to the part you care about – but no.  Half the time the necessary portions of the show aren’t even available.

What’s the point of posting twenty 20 second clips that don’t resolve the show?

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NBC Lied To Us

Tonight an entire lineup of new episodes will air for NBC primetime, EXCEPT for The Office. All last week promotions ran about the new year, new comedy and showed Kat & Kim, My Name is Earl, The Office, and 30 Rock as new shows starting January 8th. However, today I come to find out that The Office is a repeat tonight and actually starts with new episodes on the 15th.

What a way to ruin my Thursday NBC, I hope you’re happy.

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The Price Is Right CONTINUES to Disappoint

This is nothing new, but in an hour long episode of the Price is Right you have at least nine commercial breaks. One after every individual game (6), one after each showdown (2) and one in between the showcase showdown bidding and results. This show is probably shorter than most half hour programs, which only run 22 minutes after you take all the commercials out.

And Drew Carey, well he just hasn’t gotten any better.

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Charmin: Just Not Right

I saw this commercial last night and it didn’t sit well with me.

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Falling asleep with the TV on will cost you

Ever fall asleep without setting the Sleep option on your TV? I do, a lot. I started to wonder how much not setting the Sleep was costing me. Here’s my calculation for a 19″ color TV. I know, time for an upgrade. (Watt info found here, prices here).

19 inch bedroom TV

1 Hour of usage = 70 Watts = .07 kilowatts

.07 * 4.5 (average amount of time before I wake up and turn off the TV) = 0.315 kW

Michigan Average price per kWH (1000 watts per hour) = 11.65 cents

$0.1165/kWH * 0.315kW = $0.0367

Yep, that’s right. Every night I leave my TV on for an extra 4.5 hours, I pay another 4 cents. Assuming this happens every night, thats $1.10 per month.

A 25″ LCD takes about double the power, so now you’re talking $2.20 a month in extra charges and wasted electricity.

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