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Wishing you . . .

a merry Christmas.

See you in 2009.

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Toledo in Pontiac GCP Semi-Finals: GO VOTE!!!

Please go vote for the Toledo play for the Pontiac Game Changing Performance here

December 20, 2008 at 10:39 am 1 comment

The Price Is Right CONTINUES to Disappoint

This is nothing new, but in an hour long episode of the Price is Right you have at least nine commercial breaks. One after every individual game (6), one after each showdown (2) and one in between the showcase showdown bidding and results. This show is probably shorter than most half hour programs, which only run 22 minutes after you take all the commercials out.

And Drew Carey, well he just hasn’t gotten any better.

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And You Thought It Was Cold

Unless you live in Jamestown ND, I don’t want to hear your complaints about how cold and terrible your weather is.

windchill in Jamestown - colde

And to top if off, schools are opening after a 2 hour delay. The kids must be tougher in ND than in MI or OH where they close schools when its 10 degrees out. You can see the news story here.

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Charmin: Just Not Right

I saw this commercial last night and it didn’t sit well with me.

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I Think I Have a Problem

I love logging into Facebook and seeing the red notification symbol pop up in the bottom of my screen. Right before I open the notifications window, I try to predict what it’s going to tell me. It’s like a little game. But I think I’m addicted. I am disappointed when I log in and nothing new is waiting for me.


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Facebook Coincidence

In checking my friends statuses today, I saw two entries that were very similar. Not only that, but both people had the same first name AND one was entered right after the other (at least within all of my friends). These two people are not related in anyway, other than through a common friendship to me. When I saw their statuses, it made me wonder what the chance of this happening was. I have no way to calculate it, but I’m sure it’s pretty rare to have happen.


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