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Winter Weather

I’m a fan of winter. I like to play in the snow. I like to snowboard, make snowmen, and I even enjoy shoveling the driveway (as long as it’s not 24 inches of snow). I enjoy sitting by a fire with large snowflakes falling outside. I like looking out of the bedroom window when I get up to see an untouched coat of snow covering the brown ground left behind from the fall. There is something fun about being outside as the snow falls around you. I just like it.

All of that is great.

All of this is terrible:

I hate trudging through half melted slush. I hate walking through the parking lot and getting salt stains all over my pants. I hate the cold rain of a 35 degree day. I hate the black-brown snow that the plow pushes up into my front yard. I hate the white specs of salt that turn my black car into a sliver one.

In the end, I enjoy 10 days of winter and hate the other 120. But those 10 days of fun usually outweigh the bad and hence my reason for being a fan of Winter.

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How is it not raining?

This system has moved from the southwest across the Detroit metro area since about 1 today (it’s now 5:15). There hasn’t been a moment where the red dot was not covered by green on the radar screen. How is it not raining?


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Cold Air and Your Nose

Walking into work the last few days in the sub-zero temperatures, I have noticed that breathing through my nose gives me a weird sensation. It feels like my nose is constricting; which I guess is normal when you take a deeper breath through your nose, but this is more than that. It seems like the nose hairs stand straight up and the nose gives a full feeling, almost like I am congested. I was curious about this and did some research:

The nose is a remarkable organ designed to condition inhaled air in order to protect the delicate lung tissues. Whether the inhaled air has a relative humidity of one percent or ninety percent, the nose adds or extracts moisture so that air reaching the lungs has a constant relative humidity of about 75%. The same is true of temperature. When breathing through the nose, one may breathe in air at 40 degrees Fahrenheit or at 100 degrees Fahrenheit, but within a quarter of a second the air temperature is quickly brought to 98.6 degrees. Many tiny blood vessels are used to affect a temperature exchange. When a person breathes cold air, the tissues lining the nose swell as the capillaries dilate, bringing warm blood to heat the cool air. Excess blood in the nose is the cause of nasal congestion (nasal congestion is backed up blood, not increased mucus).


I thought this was pretty interesting. I’ve never thought much about the nose doing all that work (yes, I knew your nose hairs collect pollutants/dust/etc and act as a filter but the humidity and temperature regulations were new).

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And You Thought It Was Cold

Unless you live in Jamestown ND, I don’t want to hear your complaints about how cold and terrible your weather is.

windchill in Jamestown - colde

And to top if off, schools are opening after a 2 hour delay. The kids must be tougher in ND than in MI or OH where they close schools when its 10 degrees out. You can see the news story here.

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Unfair Weather Today

79 degrees in Dayton Ohio at 4:15 PM. A whopping 60 degrees in Auburn Hills. 240 miles apart, yet nineteen degrees. That’s a one degree difference every 14 miles.

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My Kind of Weather

48326 weather

Can’t ask for much more in mid-September (in Michigan at least)

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Partly Sunny vs. Partly Cloudy

An interesting Facebook status lead me to look up the difference between Partly Sunny and Partly Cloudy.  The following page gives a good idea of when to use what:

Weather Works

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