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Charlie Brown Commercialization

Do you think Charlie Brown would object that his own little tree has been commercialized? $20 for a replica—and plastic no less—tree.  I’m sure he would be appalled.  You can buy yours on Amazon.

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Late Christmas

Why Santa will visit my house on January 1st

The day after Christmas the sweater that cost $40 is now on sale for $25. It cost you $12 in wrapping paper to wrap all your presents – I will wrap mine in 90% off paper for 1/10th the cost. If I start the tradition of celebrating Christmas by going to church and enjoying a day with family, then the (future) kids wouldn’t be any the wiser that Santa was coming on a different day.

There are other benefits too. That Wii-Fit that was sold out 4 months before Christmas – I have a chance to buy the one you returned because you got two.

Perhaps stockings should still be done on Christmas day just so there is some other excitement, but I’m all for the delayed, larger (read more) Christmas.

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Wishing you . . .

a merry Christmas.

See you in 2009.

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Christmas must be around the corner

Recently I’ve been seeing a lot more commercials for Playskool toys. I can only attribute this to the fact that this must be the time of year, 2 months before Christmas, that Playskool spends all of their TV media advertising budget. Get the kids riled up for a new toy now, and in a month you’ll be so tired of hearing them beg you for it, that you end up getting them the toy before Thanksgiving. Now, you end up buying more Playskool toys to put under the tree. I think it’s a great advertising scheme.

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Christmas Birthday – double or nothing

With the giving season right around the corner, I found myself pondering about those who have birthdays right around the holiday season. In what range of dates would someone give one present in place of a separate birthday and Christmas gift. If you had a friend with a Dec 23rd birthday, would you give a present on the 23rd to then turn around 2 days later and give a Christmas present? Would you combine the two holidays and give one gift, potentially combining the amount of money you would normally spend on a birthday present and a Christmas one?

Here are a few situations I came up with and feel are appropriate, feel free to add your own in the comment section:


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