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An Implied Dress Code

Today being St. Patrick’s Day, most people wear some green attire. Be it a shirt, socks, or even a button, people usually dress at least partially to help celebrate the day.

I like days like this. It makes picking what to wear in the morning very easy. GREEN SHIRT. I think I would be an advocate of wearing a uniform to work, or perhaps “color days”. Monday is blue, Tuesday red, etc. Remove the thinking about getting dressed in the morning and save me 2 minutes (more time to sleep).

Now I could do this on my own, but I think one person actively pursuing a color coded week would stand out. It would probably turn into a big joke. But if, for the most part, everyone participated, it wouldn’t be so odd.

March 17, 2010 at 1:58 pm 3 comments

GE Refrigerator Door Not Closing

My GE fridge has been bothering me for the last year. It’s an older model (mid-90s) side by side and I was having issues with the refrigerator door.
The door was not closing by itself and was having issues staying shut. Some mornings I would come downstairs to find the door slightly open.

I had noticed that the door didn’t align correctly, but that seemed to be more of a cosmetic problem. The more I looked into it, the more I realized the cockeyed door was a symptom of the larger issue. There are two cam risers on the bottom hinge of the door that raise and lower the door. These cams help close the door and align the door to meet the fridge opening when fully closed. As I dug around, I found others with the same story and what appeared to be an easy fix.

The cams, being plastic, wear out and break over time. I suspected I was missing both cams. Small pieces of black plastic on the floor around your door is a good indication of wear/breaks in the cam.

I found the part I believed I needed here,, but needing 2 at $10 each seemed steep for a small piece of plastic. I ended up ordering my parts here for $0.99 plus $6 to ship. I ordered 2, but each 0.99 package contained 2 risers (so I got 4).

I followed the steps that others outlined on the PartSelect site and had a nice new fridge that closes itself, stays closed, and looks better too.

  1. Removed all items from door storage.
  2. Removed top hinge cover held by single screw and top hinge plate held by two bolts.
  3. Lifted up door to clear bottom hinge pin and removed door.
  4. Turned door upside down and removed bottom hinge assembly held on by two bolts.
  5. Replaced upper cam located on bottom of door and screwed the hinge assembly back on to bottom of door.
  6. Drilled out the rivet that holds the lower cam to the bottom hinge pin.
  7. Removed old lower cam and and replaced with new cam and secured to lower hinge assembly with pan head screw and nut (instead of rivet).

    NOTE: The metal shim that goes between the cam riser & door was also broken, we used a small washer instead of the replacement shim.
  8. Replaced door back onto lower hinge pin and secured upper hinge pin with original bolts.
  9. Placed cover on upper hinge assembly and secured with original screw.

March 16, 2010 at 1:37 pm 6 comments

Realizations One Year Anniversary

Exactly one year ago I posted the very first realization. 123 posts, 252 comments, and 11,000 page views later I wanted to take a quick glance back at the highlights of the last year. Here are what I consider the best of the best from each month’s posts.

Date Link Why it made the list
October ’07 MSN Live Messenger Drawing Tool 10% of all site visits are to this post.
November ’07 bcEOT – Equal Opportunity Tipping The future of tipping, explained
December ’07 Ridiculous Receipt Lots of calculations
January Ramblings lead to over-zealous MSN drawing By far the best MSN drawing I’ve ever done
February Over the Top Donuts Connecting everyday things to TV shows
March The Inside Track More calculations. Also, I think this acutally works.
April Two Realizations in One – Snow & Suggestions I learned something writting this one
May Sonic Drive In Review and Southgate Michigan Location The most visited post, 1,800+ visits
June Wal-Mart Pharmacy Closed Early The most controversial, and commented on, post
July You Know Your in a Room of Nerds when . . . Short and sweet and computery
August Ignore Facebook Addicts A helpful realization
September Vending Machine Randomizer A Kosmo Kramer like invention

October 9, 2008 at 7:33 pm 1 comment


Ever had a day where the actions of others around you annoyed you immensely?  Little things that usually wouldn’t bother you all got on your nerves?  What causes that syndrom of nearly automatic annoyance?

I think some of it may be sleep related.  Less sleep, more easily annoyed.  I think some of it may also be the length of time you’ve spent with the people.  Remember as a kid when you had that sleepover with your best friend Friday night, which then turned into an entire saturday afternoon and then another sleepover saturday night?  By Sunday morning you would fight about things that would never come up in a normal situation.

Now apply the best friend situation to people who you just work with.  Now they aren’t your best friend, so it dosen’t take 2.5 days of constant interaction.

Anyway, when is the pill coming out to block out coffe slurpers, nasily breathers, continuous sniffers, and all those other annoying habits?

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Even Spread

I don’t think at any point in my life have I had a salt bagel that was evenly coated in salt. The top half is always coated in salt. It’s almost white. The bottom half might as well be a plain bagel.

I’m no baker, but is it terribly hard to get salt on both sides? If it is, then ok, can we at least sprinkle with salt instead of dumping a cup full on top of the bagel? I’ve seen numerous people scrapping 3/4 of the salt off just to enjoy the bagel.

Also, if it’s possible to do with salt, I would love an everything bagel fully loaded. The everything actually falls in the opposite category of the salt, whereas, if you can only coat the top half, I would like it loaded up. Salt must be cheaper than everything ingredients.

April 30, 2008 at 9:27 am 2 comments

A Routine-less Day

I had last Friday off in order to get ready for some guests coming for the weekend. In the morning, I ran to a couple stores looking for some new sheets for the guest bed. I was BLOWN AWAY by the number of women I saw out shopping at 9:30. Almost all of them were in jogging suits and it was eerily quiet as the women riffled through racks, bins and displays. I was literally the only male in three of the stores I visited that morning. I was also probably the only person under the age of 30.

I wonder how many of the husbands of these women knew their day was filled with shopping while they were, presumably, at work.

My suggestion to you is to pick a random day and do something out of the ordinary for you. It’s interesting to see what makes up others routine.

April 28, 2008 at 2:08 pm 3 comments

Smith, Party of 20

Why do large groups of people, 13 or more, feel the need to sit at the same table in a restaurant? The people at the far end can’t make conversation with most of the people in the middle nor anyone at the other end. And by making this request, others waiting for a table within the restaurant have to wait longer than if the party was willing to split into normal table sizes so that an entire section can be cleared for them.

Long Table of Guests, Party Guests, Party

On a side note, when you’re in a large group like this, do you ever find yourself fighting with others to sit in one of the coveted middle seats so you can talk to everyone?

March 11, 2008 at 12:52 pm Leave a comment

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