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Waterproof Cellphone

Given that basically everyone knows at least two people who have dropped their cell phone in the toilet (or other body of water) – why don’t cell phone manufacturers make all of their phones waterproof?

Yes yes, you can buy the construction phone that’s water resistant, shock resistant, and impact resistant too. But where is straight waterproofing for everyone’s phone? I don’t want the click to talk crazy looking construction phone.

In my opinion, someone is missing out on a huge market.

July 7, 2009 at 5:04 pm 2 comments

Multi-tone Car Horn

Over the last almost 10 years, I have found myself in a quite a few driving situations where I felt compelled to use my horn.  In some cases to alert idiot drivers of my presence, in others to let someone know I was there to pick them up.

Now with the current horn setup, we’ve all adapted our own styles to try and convey different messages with the horn (as well as using our lights in some cases)

  • Short tap – “I’m here, come on out”
  • Double tap – “Bye” or “hey, look over here so I can wave at you”
  • 15 second blast – “GO FASTER”, “WATCH OUT”, “IDIOT”, etc
  • Flash of the brights – “Move over so I can go around” or “I’m letting you in”

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a multi-tone horn that could convey different messages.  Instead of new drivers having to learn the unwritten language of the horn/lights, they could hear “MOVE” from you car.

My first prototype would have the following tones/messages:

  • Hey Friend- good for waving and making presence known for pickups and departures
  •  HEY!!!!  –  accident prevention mode
  • My bad – the appropriate response to acknowledge wrongdoing from someone receiving the HEY!!!! tone
  • Come on in – alerting other driver there is space to merge, it’s their turn at the stop sign, or go ahead and back out I want your spot.

March 4, 2008 at 1:53 pm 2 comments