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IKEA Aroma

IKEA is one of those stores with it’s own distinguishable aroma. Others have one, but most of the time it’s a Hollister or Abercrombie pumping cologne into the ventilation system. IKEA’s smell is pure in the scents (sense, get it?) that it is a combination between the smell of the products and the food they serve. It’s an interesting combination though; cheap particle board and cinnamon rolls.

I have to hand it to IKEA though, they do a good job of getting that cinnamon smell into the last 10 aisles of the store so you are nice and hungry by the time you checkout.

September 30, 2008 at 3:06 pm 1 comment

Vending Machine Randomizer

Ever have trouble deciding on what to get from the vending machine? Wouldn’t it be great if there was a randomizer button that would pick for you? You could specify a few options like the row you wanted it to pick from, the type of snack (salty, chocolate), or price range. Some advanced options may even include peanut-free products or healthy options.

Heading out to the vending machine manufacturer now to sell them my idea.

September 29, 2008 at 3:57 pm 2 comments

FOX’s Fringe Review

Episode #3, “Ghost”

I’ve watched the first three episodes of Fringe on Fox. Overall I like the show, but I have one main issue with it. The timeline.

The show starts with an attack on a city bus. When the agents arrive on the scene, they are told that the attack took place at 8:14 this morning. So we know that best case, it may be as early as 9 AM. The climax of this episode, disregarding plot setup for next week, ends at approximately 5:30 PM. However, our agents know where to find the bad guys an hour before they are set to meet, which is at 5 PM. Therefore, between approximately 9AM and 4PM, the Fringe agents only have to accomplish the following:

  • Move the bus to a secure area
  • Remove all the passengers from their ‘frozen’ state
  • Identify each person
  • Watch video from a passengers camera to determine that a bag was missing from the bus
  • Analyze the substance from the bus
  • Recreate the substance
  • travel to Massive Dynamic to follow up about the three exclusive chemicals used to make the substance
  • Alert the DEA that one of their people had been killed and have them ID the body
  • Obtain a search warrant for a person who has had ‘visions’ of the attack
  • Search the visionaries house
  • Interrogate the suspect
  • Setup and give the suspect and MRI
  • Determine that the suspect is not lying and may be part of some long lost experiment
  • Convince the suspect to go to a lab, drill into his head and use his visions to solve the crime
  • Drive across town to the Dr.’s old house, break in, and find an old piece of equipment he hid in the walls
  • Hook up the suspect to the equipment, dial into the messages being sent, and translate Latin phrases that give away the location of the next meeting

I know there are bigger things one could argue as plausible with this show, for instance, most of the science. But, for some reason I have less of a problem with that than the pace that the show takes.

September 24, 2008 at 9:56 am 1 comment

Math.ceil(), ever hear of it?

My facebook fantasy football application displays the league stats on the application homepage. For something as trivial as fantasy football, I think I could deal with 1 decimal place precision, perhaps even just rounded integers, instead of 13 decimal places. This is just ridiculous:

Facebook Fantasy Football Stats

In case you aren’t familiar with the ceiling function, here’s the link

September 23, 2008 at 9:41 am 2 comments

ESPN Reporters Favorite Word


“The act or manner of a swaggerer; To walk with a swaying motion; hence, to walk and act in a pompous, consequential manner; To boast or brag noisily; to be ostentatiously proud or vainglorious; to bluster; to bully “

If I have to hear Kirk Herbstreit or Lee Corso or any other ESPN analyst/reporter use the word swagger, well I don’t know what I’m going to do. It could only be worse to hear something along the lines of

“Tim Tebow jacked up that team with all his swagger”

Also, this isn’t helping:

September 20, 2008 at 11:27 am 1 comment

How to Stop Facebook Email Spam

Tired of logging into your mail client to see something like this?

Me too. Usually I’ve already seen the new wall post or comment on my status before I check my mail, and the few times I haven’t, I feel like the anticipation of logging in to Facebook to see what’s new has been ruined. Luckily, Facebook allows you to change your email settings.

In the new facebook, simply click the ‘Settings’ link in the top navigation and then select the ‘Notifications’ tab. Here you can set your email preference on everything from being notified when someone pokes you to when someone you may know joins Facebook. I currently have 45 options that can email me (each application you use has it’s own settings as well, but usually only 1 per application).

As of 9/19/08, I will receive 0 notification emails.

September 18, 2008 at 11:41 am 6 comments

My Kind of Weather

48326 weather

Can’t ask for much more in mid-September (in Michigan at least)

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Whatever happened to A/S/L? I guess Chris Hansen may have had something to do with the downturn in ’13/f/TX’ posting in chat rooms. Perhaps the decline of AOL as the predominate service provider had something to do with it? Has myspace, facebook, and twitter replaced the conventional chat room? Or maybe a/s/l still exists and I haven’t seen it because of my lack of participation inside a chat room in the last 10 years.

Oh, and what about “a/s/l/ with pic” – classic.

September 11, 2008 at 10:52 pm 2 comments

An Internet Tutorial – How to print a picture

While browsing a facebook photo gallery I ran across a comment that reminded me of the wide range of proficiencies in today’s internet user. The comment read “Can you email me this picture so I can print it?” For some, this may seem like a perfectly normal request. However, this task can be done without any type of email being sent.

Directions for saving an image from a webpage

  1. Right-click the mouse over the image
  2. A menu will appear. The options will vary from browser to browser, but you want to select Save Picture As from the menu.
    Save Picture As
  3. Select a location and name the picture, just like saving a document

Now you have the picture saved locally on your computer and can do what you want with it.

As a word of warning – some sites like Facebook will compress images upon upload to save on file size. This may cause the photo quality to be less than that of the original photo. In that case, or in the case where you want to print a 24″x36″ portrait, you may want the original. I’m 95% certain that’s not the reason this user was asking for the picture via email.

September 10, 2008 at 1:53 pm 1 comment

Soda vs. Pop

What word do you use when asking for a “soft-drink”? Some data collected in 2003 shows the varying regional terminology used

I say pop. I’m ok with either, but not a big fan of combining into “soda-pop”.

September 9, 2008 at 10:26 am 6 comments

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