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One Birthday Card for everyone

Have you ever stood at the card racks at the store for 20 minutes trying to find just the right birthday card?  If not, have you ever stood with someone for 20 minutes while they looked for a card?

Why do we do this?  I know you want to get a meaningful card, but really.  Do you keep all the cards you get?  Maybe for a week, but sooner or later they get pitched, no matter how funny or clever the card was.  And in some cases, the card you spent so much time painstakingly picking for the birtday boy ends up being a dupliate of a card someone else has given.

So I ask, why not publish one birthday card for everyone?  Publish it in 4 colors, all with the same wording.  You’ve just saved yourself 20 minutes.  And you can personalize the card and make it really funny or extra meaningful by writing your own words inside. 


Or, I’m even open to a mad lib style card.

Dear ________,

I want to wish you a _______ birthday.  You are __________________.   I hope you ______________________.  Happy Birthday!

Love _________.

Dear Sally,

I want to wish you a happy 34th birthday. You are the best. I hope you get all the presents you asked for. Happy Birthday!

Love Steve.

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Ramblings lead to over-zealous MSN drawing

Another installment of typical Jared/Steve conversations:

Jared: its really coming down out here
Jared: i’m glad i actually beat the snow in
Steve: oh yea? are you going to be snowed in?
Jared: i pray to god we don’t get snowed in
Steve: you could get a lot of quality time with ABC Fire
Steve: and/or your co-workers
Jared: both of which are horrible horrible alternatives
Steve: hahahaha
Steve: I have a perfect storm situation for you:
Jared: ok
Steve: snowed in, no internet, no power
Steve: now you’re reduced to either drawing a deck of cards on some index cards or tossing a ball against the wall
Jared: hahhha
Jared: i draw the cards, that would take a long time
Steve: nah – 15 minutes?
Jared: i’d make it longer!
Jared: draw all the suits like 6 clubs for a 6 of clubs
Steve: you making perfect cards
Steve: oh yea then, you’d have some issues with the J, Q, K
Jared: yea definitely
Jared: i don’t know what they look like off the top of my head
Steve: you could just do stick people
Jared: very true
Steve: MSN Drawn King
Jared: hahahhahahahaha
Jared: that is pretty impressive

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