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Microsoft Outlook 2007 Arrange By Size

Found it humorus this morning when I had to clean out my inbox that if you sort your emails by size (right click the blue bar at the top of the listing that says “Arranged By”), they are catergorized into “Enormous”, ‘Huge”, “Very Large”, “Large”, “Medium”, “Small:”, and “Tiny” folders.


Feel free to insert Micheal Scott “That’s what she said” joke here.

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HELP! My System Tray is Overflowing


Does your System Tray look like this?  Believe it or not, I’m pretty anal retentive about my desktop, email folders, and especially my taskbar and system tray.  I need minimal clutter – everything in one of these places should be there for a reason.

Luckily, most programs give you some control over where and when they display.  Winamp is by far the best example I’ve found of allowing customization though.  You can choose if Winamp will show in the taskbar, system tray, both, neither, and the icon if you choose to show it in the system tray.


Anyway, for those of you interested in cleaning up your taskbar/system tray, check out these step by step instructions.

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Not So Subliminal MSN Ad

I don’t use Internet Explorer much (go get yourself a copy of Firefox) but MSN happens to be my homepage for IE. Anyway, I saw this ad for Kohl’s on MSN today and couldn’t help but notice the subliminal messaging.


In reality, Kohl’s just wants you to know that clicking their ad won’t force you away from the MSN page, but at first glance I thought wow that is pushy.

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Do you have a legal copy of Windows?

The thought has never crossed my mind to check if I had a legal copy of windows, but Bill Gates makes it easy to find out. Not sure where or how this would ever come in handy, but I want to start searching for random buttons in MS menus.

windows legal copy

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Mystery Character

Random discovery in Microsoft Word today. I was selecting some text and at the point of having all the text selected, the black selection background mysteriously grew to include an extra character at the end of the line. Initially I thought it was just a space, but there are no characters (spaces included) at the end of my sentence.

Microsoft Word Highlight

Microsoft Word highlight plus mystery character


Thanks to Richard for solving the mystery. See his explanation in the comments section.
Microsoft Word paragraph highlighting

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