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The Realization of time it takes to maintain a blog

As demonstrated by my lack of posts over the last 7 months, maintaining a blog is hard work.   You really have to be dedicated to whatever you’re writing about and although I am still complaining about as much as I was at this time last year, I think my complaints are mostly the same as what I’ve written about before.  It still costs too much to raise a kid, Sonic is still disappointing, and I switched pharmacy’s and have had no issues.

I’m trying not to let this site turn into one of the thousands of abandoned blogs with the last post being from 8 years ago.  Obviously however, my efforts are lacking. Maybe I’m just coming to terms with life and the things I can’t change. More likely, I’ve been lazy and haven’t put much thought into spending 10 minutes writing down a few thoughts.

I am fully aware that 5 people actually visit this site on purpose (the rest come from google images looking to steal my pictures). However, I think the fact that those 5 people still look for dumb posts here makes it worth my while.

Here’s to the next post and hoping like so many other blogs (see photo below), this isn’t the last post that someone finds in the year 2018.

July 22, 2010 at 2:38 pm 3 comments