Fringe and TV Extras

October 22, 2008 at 9:14 am 1 comment

I caught Fringe on Fox last night and noticed in almost every scene there was a multitude of people milling around in the background. I’ve never worked in a Federal agency, but I’m guessing that much like any other place of business people are usually more at their desks doing work, then wandering aimlessly.

I’ve noticed the plethora of extras in other shows as well. For some reason directors/producers must feel that the scene won’t feel real if there aren’t a bunch of other people wandering around. I think The Office is one of the only shows that actually keeps people sitting at desks (at least until Michael calls for a meeting in the conference room).

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  • 1. "Lost" Producer  |  October 24, 2008 at 2:46 pm

    As the producer of “LOST”, we only use 6-8 main people on the show but have dozens of people in the background on many of our shots. We think we fool the public every week when we show these 30-40 other “plane crash survivors” milling about as these people have nothing at all to do with the show but are always so obvious in the background. Does the average viewer ask “why don’t these people help find food, cook, fight the enemies on the island, gather medicine, etc”. Nope, they just continue to watch week in and week out and never give it a second thought. Why? Because the average TV watcher is brain dead. And, when it gets down to it, the commercials is what it is all about, selling the product. Who cares about the people in the background. (Do you think anyone has ever noticed that there 30-40 other survivors are different people every week???) We may have to make them a little fuzzier in case anyone freezes their DVRs to check.


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