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The Advantage of Flying to Small Airports

I recently flew out of Ft. Myers airport and realized there are a lot of benefits to flying out of a small airport. There was hardly any traffic unloading which allowed me to pull up right in front of my airline’s doors. Once inside, there were only a few people at the ticket counter and I was able to walk right up and print my boarding pass since I was not checking luggage. Security was a breeze, with about 5 people in front of me and two lanes open. When I got to my gate, there was an abundance of seats open with options near the windows and near electrical outlets.

The last thing that really caught me off guard were the announcements made over the intercom about personal belongings left in this store or that. To top it off, one of the announcements was in regards to the meal someone had just purchased. They had walked away without taking their salad, and an airport wide announcement was made alerting them to there forgotten item.

Although it may cost a little more to fly into a smaller sized airport, the experience in Fort Myers may persuade me to utilize the little guys more often.

January 5, 2009 at 11:32 am 2 comments

Avoiding Jet Lag

In my recent travels, I have come to find a schedule that works reasonably well to combat jet-lag when making the passage between the East and West coast, and vice-versa.

I like to take an evening flight when traveling west, getting in around 10 local time or 1 EST. This makes sleeping in until 6:30 or 7 AM PST an easier task. The first day on PST may feel a little longer than usual, but I find myself able to go to bed at my regular time the first night.

Flying east is a little trickier. I’ve become a fan of the 9:40 PST flight that lands somewhere between 4:30 and 5:30 EST. By sleeping on the plan, although only for maybe four hours, you can sleep another four when you get home and it’s only 10 AM EST. The first day back is probably a little more tiring than most, but you end up going to bed on EST pretty easily after not having a great nights sleep the night before.

August 18, 2008 at 8:28 pm 1 comment

Government Spending at it’s Best

I flew out of Traverse City Airport, a small 8 gate facility, this week. The airport itself was actually very nice, most likely being constructed or remodeled within the last 5 years. There were a total of 10 flights leaving the airport the day I was flying, but one thing struck me as odd.

As I went through security, one baggage inspection conveyor and one metal detector, I couldn’t help but notice there were eight TSA agents working the checkpoint. I’m all for safety while traveling and don’t mind the security checks, but the number of government employees on duty at this tiny airport seemed skewed. Not to mention however many were working behind the scenes inspecting all the luggage that was being checked, but I assume there were at least two more. The Detroit airport has a couple of security entrances, but each of these multi-stall stations are run by the same number of people that worked the one in TC.

I’m not complaining about the security. I appreciate the people who work to ensure that flights are safe. However, I think a few less people could have done the job.

July 17, 2008 at 5:33 pm 1 comment