FOX’s Fringe Review

September 24, 2008 at 9:56 am 1 comment

Episode #3, “Ghost”

I’ve watched the first three episodes of Fringe on Fox. Overall I like the show, but I have one main issue with it. The timeline.

The show starts with an attack on a city bus. When the agents arrive on the scene, they are told that the attack took place at 8:14 this morning. So we know that best case, it may be as early as 9 AM. The climax of this episode, disregarding plot setup for next week, ends at approximately 5:30 PM. However, our agents know where to find the bad guys an hour before they are set to meet, which is at 5 PM. Therefore, between approximately 9AM and 4PM, the Fringe agents only have to accomplish the following:

  • Move the bus to a secure area
  • Remove all the passengers from their ‘frozen’ state
  • Identify each person
  • Watch video from a passengers camera to determine that a bag was missing from the bus
  • Analyze the substance from the bus
  • Recreate the substance
  • travel to Massive Dynamic to follow up about the three exclusive chemicals used to make the substance
  • Alert the DEA that one of their people had been killed and have them ID the body
  • Obtain a search warrant for a person who has had ‘visions’ of the attack
  • Search the visionaries house
  • Interrogate the suspect
  • Setup and give the suspect and MRI
  • Determine that the suspect is not lying and may be part of some long lost experiment
  • Convince the suspect to go to a lab, drill into his head and use his visions to solve the crime
  • Drive across town to the Dr.’s old house, break in, and find an old piece of equipment he hid in the walls
  • Hook up the suspect to the equipment, dial into the messages being sent, and translate Latin phrases that give away the location of the next meeting

I know there are bigger things one could argue as plausible with this show, for instance, most of the science. But, for some reason I have less of a problem with that than the pace that the show takes.


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  • 1. John Abela  |  September 24, 2008 at 10:49 am

    As an MRI tech. I must assert that the scene in Fringe “Ghost” is so incorrect it is actually very dangerous. After the MRI was stopped since the patient suffered a magnetic response to the magnet used in the MRI system, the comment was made that “The MRI machine was shut off”. The misconception amongst medial professionals that the machine can be shut off when it is not scanning can ultimately lead to the death of a patient. The magnet never can be shut off. Its a superconductive magnet which remains active by being cooled by liquid nitrogen and helium. If someone walks in the room with a metal object such a scissor assuming the machine is off and there is no longer an active magnetic field, that metal object can get pulled into the gantry (opening) of the magnet and strike the patient. A child was killed by this misconception by someone who brought in an oxygen tank into the MRI room. It flew into the magnet with such force hit the child and killed him. An effort should be made to edit that scene. Another insignificant flaw is that a CT scan was shown, not an MRI scan during that scene. The writers of this program need to do their research especially concerning a dangerous machine in the medical field.


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