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The Price Is Right CONTINUES to Disappoint

This is nothing new, but in an hour long episode of the Price is Right you have at least nine commercial breaks. One after every individual game (6), one after each showdown (2) and one in between the showcase showdown bidding and results. This show is probably shorter than most half hour programs, which only run 22 minutes after you take all the commercials out.

And Drew Carey, well he just hasn’t gotten any better.

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Drew Carey Hosts Price is Right Disappoints

Has anyone else watched the new Price is Right with Drew Carey? I set the DVR to record one of the typical 11 am shows not to long ago and was severely disappointed. I had to stop watching in the middle of the first pricing game. The girl contestant was taking a long time to give a number, and I sat there waiting and expecting the typical “Come on now Erica, I need a number” response Barker would have snapped out. Instead, timid Drew just kinda stood there waiting. He just doesn’t have that charisma that Barker had.

Listen to Bob push her along; I miss how he made the idiots feel, well, like idiots:

Here’s a clip from the new show, its ok, only because the contestants situation is funny. Apparently this is the only funny moment because a quick search of youtube for ‘price is right drew carey’ returns basically nothing.

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