Falling asleep with the TV on will cost you

November 5, 2008 at 4:36 pm Leave a comment

Ever fall asleep without setting the Sleep option on your TV? I do, a lot. I started to wonder how much not setting the Sleep was costing me. Here’s my calculation for a 19″ color TV. I know, time for an upgrade. (Watt info found here, prices here).

19 inch bedroom TV

1 Hour of usage = 70 Watts = .07 kilowatts

.07 * 4.5 (average amount of time before I wake up and turn off the TV) = 0.315 kW

Michigan Average price per kWH (1000 watts per hour) = 11.65 cents

$0.1165/kWH * 0.315kW = $0.0367

Yep, that’s right. Every night I leave my TV on for an extra 4.5 hours, I pay another 4 cents. Assuming this happens every night, thats $1.10 per month.

A 25″ LCD takes about double the power, so now you’re talking $2.20 a month in extra charges and wasted electricity.


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