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Mini Ketchup Packets – WHY?

If you were a restaurant owner or ketchup maker, why would you package ketchup in 0.6 oz packets? Have you ever seen a customer take just one packet? No, they end up taking a handful and squirt them all over their tray so they can dip fries in them. Even if you only wanted 0.6 ounces worth of ketchup for your hamburger and you ask the drive-through attendant for ketchup, you know you’re getting a handful of packets.

Why do I care? It seems to be a big waste. Not only in costs and resources to make mini packets, but also in my time to have to open 6 packets to have enough for my fries.

May 19, 2009 at 3:58 pm 1 comment

How is Wendy’s Water So Good?

I’m not sure if it’s the extra wide straw, the wax coated cup, or the temperature of the water, but there is something amazing about a cup of water from Wendy’s. Perhaps it’s all three?

It can’t just be the temperature. I can replicate the same thing at home with tap water and ice. Although the temperature may be the least attributable to Wendy’s, this is by far the most important factor.

The cup’s wax coating seems to lend just a hint of flavor to the water. Perhaps not the healthiest, but good nonetheless.

The wide diameter straw is by far my favorite part. While other chains have started to widen the diameter of their straws, Wendy’s has always provided the largest. This allows maximum water flow.

Who knows, maybe it’s something else. But for me, a 16oz cup of water from Wendy’s is gone before you know it.

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McDonald’s Expiration

I found it interesting today that McDonald’s salads are marked with a label that specifies the exact expiration, down to the minute, of that salad. The one I saw today said “Serve before 5:14 PM: May 16, 2008”.

Kinda crazy that they have it down to the exact minute. I wonder if the time is determined when whoever made the salad prints the label out? If so, couldn’t I make the salad and get distracted, forget to print the label, and then print the label later? That wouldn’t affect necessarily the freshness, but the exacting minute expiration would be off. Why not just use 15 minute increments? Is the public to believe they are so exacting that they will not serve you the last Chicken McSalad at 5:15 because the label reads 5:14?

May 16, 2008 at 3:11 pm 1 comment

Sonic advertising

Over the last few months I have seen numerous commercials for Sonic Drive In. I myself have never seen a Sonic around the Detroit area and was curious after some people told me how good it was after visiting one in Florida.

I did some checking, and it turns out the closest Sonic to Detroit is in Fort Wayne Indiana, about a 200 mile drive (Sonics site tells me it’s 140 miles, but then when I ask for driving directions, the number magically turns to 194). So why would Sonic spend so much money advertising in the Detroit market when there isn’t even a Sonic in the state? Even if the eventual plans are to open one, months and months of advertising ahead of time can’t translate into huge profits on a 99 cent hot dog.

May 14, 2008 at 9:43 am 5 comments