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An Internet Tutorial – How to print a picture

While browsing a facebook photo gallery I ran across a comment that reminded me of the wide range of proficiencies in today’s internet user. The comment read “Can you email me this picture so I can print it?” For some, this may seem like a perfectly normal request. However, this task can be done without any type of email being sent.

Directions for saving an image from a webpage

  1. Right-click the mouse over the image
  2. A menu will appear. The options will vary from browser to browser, but you want to select Save Picture As from the menu.
    Save Picture As
  3. Select a location and name the picture, just like saving a document

Now you have the picture saved locally on your computer and can do what you want with it.

As a word of warning – some sites like Facebook will compress images upon upload to save on file size. This may cause the photo quality to be less than that of the original photo. In that case, or in the case where you want to print a 24″x36″ portrait, you may want the original. I’m 95% certain that’s not the reason this user was asking for the picture via email.

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“SMS messages are transfered over air made of solid gold”

Jared found an interesting article that sure seems like it would have been written on this site. Check out this guys rant about the cost of Text messaging.

Update: Corrected the link
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