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Snickers vs Milky Way

Jared and I got into it today about which candy is better, Snickers or Milky Way. He claimed that only 1 in 10 would respond Milky Way. A quick office poll revealed Snickers is preferred more, but only by a small margin. The initially tally was Snickers 9, Milky Way 7.

Cast Your Vote Here

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Seating placement hazardous to your career advancement?

Why seat position plays such a vital role in your career and productivity

I’m sure if you have worked in an office, you have noticed that there are some workspaces within the office that are ideal for seclusion, quiet, and hiding from the boss. There are also those that are the exact opposite; crammed in a corner or in the middle of everything, next to the office trash can, or inline with the door where every person walking in can see your screen. Needless to say, the guy sitting by the door, let’s call him John, is most likely to be the least productive.


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Microsoft Office Products – Show me everything

I found it fairly difficult today to find how to make Word’s menus (file, edit, format, view, etc) display all of the menu items instead of a short list with an expandable button.


After some searching, I figured out how to do it and thought I’d pass it along:

  • Right Click in the Toolbar area (where all the icons are)
  • A large menu displays, at the bottom is Customize. Click that.
  • Go to the Options Tab and select the “Always Show Full Menu” checkbox.


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Facebook Laziness

Don’t invite your entire friend list to an event that only applies to 5% of them

I got an invitation on Facebook today to a High School reunion. This would have been great if it was for Centerville High School, class of ’01. However, it was for a totally different school, class of ’03. Now I wouldn’t have been as upset about this if it was a Centerville reunion for the wrong class year, but this was totally off. Basically, the creator of this event decided that rather then sending this to only his high school friends, he would send it to his entire friend list.

There are almost 700 people invited to the event and said HS’s website lists the current enrollment at 1,670, so the numbers don’t quite match up. Lame – next time, invite the appropriate people and spare me my time.

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Password Reset is a Joke

Why do companies require you to change you password every 90 days? You’re the only one who knows the password. If someone else knew your old password, wouldn’t they have already gotten into you email, data, and files and screwed things up, alerting you to the fact that someone else now has your password.

If someone can get your current password, whats going to stop them from figuring out what you just reset it to? Especially when people are just changing 1 letter to get around truly having to change their password. One guy at work here just keeps adding the number 6 to his password, so he is currently typing password666666666. Awesome security.

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Powerful Internet

if only I had something useful to say . . .

I knew Google was good, but not that good. I logged into WordPress today to see that people had come to my homepage by searching Google with certain phrases. I tried it myself and low and behold, searching for “live messenger draw” returns my silly post as the top result.


Now I know that WordPress submits my URL to Google to spider, but who would have thought that my dumb entry would rank as high as it does when searching for terms related to MSN Drawing. Other terms listed that lead people to the page were:

  • ‘draw on msn live’ – (2nd result)
  • ‘msn messenger green circle icon’ – (3rd result)
  • ‘MSN draw’ – (15th result)

If only I had something worthwhile to say, who knows how many other people would stumble onto this site.

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LinkedIn thinks I don’t know who I am

I joined LinkedIn, a professional networking site, because, well our HR department requested us to. They figure the more Organics on LinkedIn, the better chance of getting referrals and networking with others in the industry. Anyway, today a friend from UT asked me to join his LinkedIn network. After becoming part of someones network, you can view their connections. I went to do this and the following page was displayed:


Notice that next to my name, there is an icon that reads “YOU”. Thanks LinkedIn, I wasn’t sure STEVE CONROY was me. It also tells who I am twice.

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Ski Trip?

I got an email about the UT alumni annual Ski Trip. It’s open to Alumni, Friends and family and is January 25-27 at Boyne Highlands (map).

$245 per person for hotel, 3 days of lift tickets, 2 nights at the hotel (25 & 26) and 2 breakfast buffet tickets. Anyone interested in going?

Deposits are due November 1st, so we’d have to make a decision fairly quickly. Let me know steve.conroy[at]gmail[dot]com.

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MSN Live Messenger Drawing Tool

Unavailable yet displayed Options frustrate users

I was trying to draw something using MSN messenger and needed an orange circle. Anyone using MSN that hasn’t used the drawing tool, check it out – it’s highlighted in the circle labeled #1 in the image below. Anyway – as you can see by circle #2, the icon for the color selector shows an orange box in the first column, second row. Attempting to select the color from the options though proves impossible as you can see.


Apparently I need 2 greys, 4 shades of red, 4 shades of blue, 2 green and 2 yellow. Now these have come in handy a few times, so I won’t complain too¬† much about the variety of the colors, but . . .


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Children Vs. Retirement

I engaged in a discussion today with Jared about retirement and our goals of what age we are aiming, hoping and realistically thinking we will be able to retire at. Our answers were pretty similar, but I made the remark that without the wife and kids – of which I have none at the moment, but plan on having down the road – you could reduce your retirement age by a significant amount, say 10-15 years.

In doing some quick research, we estimated that a child born today costs approximately $300,000 to raise to the age of 18, including some college. Spending 300,000 over 18 years translates to about 16,700 a year in expenses. If instead, you invested that 16,700 every year for 18 years, assuming 7% return, compounding once a year, you would have saved over $600,000.

With Children:

  • Have 2 kids, one at age 30 and one at age 32
  • By age 50, you have a 20 year old and an 18 year old and have spent approximately 600,000 in raising them
  • Net Output – 18+ years of memories; 15 more years of work


  • Save the same amount you would be spending on children (assuming 2 from the example above), average 7% return, and at 50 you’ll have saved up a nice nest egg of $1.2 million.
  • Opportunity cost of raising 2 children: ~ $1.8 million

Granted, over that 18 year period you won’t be living better than you would be with children because the money would still be put out of your reach (spending it with kids, saving it without). Although one could argue that if with children you aren’t saving at all, you’ll have to work much longer after their 18th birthday to retire. In the no-kids example, you could be using the money you would have been saving for retirement in the kids example to fund you “better” lifestyle.

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