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From the guys who brought you . . .

Anytime a movie preview starts with the phrase “From the guys who brought you”, you know that movie is has about a 2% chance of being as good as the movie they originally made.

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Why it costs at least $9 to go to a movie

I was watching Reno 911:Miami! this weekend and it dawned on me why it costs so much to see a movie these days. Within a 2 minute time span, 5 brand new Ford Mustang Police cars were either crashed or blown up. A new Mustang can cost anywhere between 19-28k according to some quick research. If purchased, thats over $100,000 just in vehicles. If the producers received the entire $9 admission to the theater, it takes 11,111 people watching that show just to recoup that cost.

To combat some negative responses to this post, let me bullet point the things I am taking into consideration:

  • The cars probably weren’t purchased, nor would they have paid full MSRP for them
  • Ford may have even paid for the cars to be used
  • The movie theater buys the movie and charges admission to make up that price. Therefore the film maker receives the same amount regardless of the number of people viewing the movie
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