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“SMS messages are transfered over air made of solid gold”

Jared found an interesting article that sure seems like it would have been written on this site. Check out this guys rant about the cost of Text messaging.

Update: Corrected the link
Sam’s Comments

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Building Management 101

Honestly, an office bathroom probably gets the most traffic between 9:30-11 AM and within an hour after lunch.  Why in the world would you close the bathrooms from 1-2 for cleaning? Maybe its a conspiracy to make lunch-goers take a few flights of stairs to get to another restroom and work off some of that lunch.

January 17, 2008 at 7:08 pm 2 comments

Ramblings lead to over-zealous MSN drawing

Another installment of typical Jared/Steve conversations:

Jared: its really coming down out here
Jared: i’m glad i actually beat the snow in
Steve: oh yea? are you going to be snowed in?
Jared: i pray to god we don’t get snowed in
Steve: you could get a lot of quality time with ABC Fire
Steve: and/or your co-workers
Jared: both of which are horrible horrible alternatives
Steve: hahahaha
Steve: I have a perfect storm situation for you:
Jared: ok
Steve: snowed in, no internet, no power
Steve: now you’re reduced to either drawing a deck of cards on some index cards or tossing a ball against the wall
Jared: hahhha
Jared: i draw the cards, that would take a long time
Steve: nah – 15 minutes?
Jared: i’d make it longer!
Jared: draw all the suits like 6 clubs for a 6 of clubs
Steve: you making perfect cards
Steve: oh yea then, you’d have some issues with the J, Q, K
Jared: yea definitely
Jared: i don’t know what they look like off the top of my head
Steve: you could just do stick people
Jared: very true
Steve: MSN Drawn King
Jared: hahahhahahahaha
Jared: that is pretty impressive

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Drinking games cause higher BAC?: you don’t say

Jared: MSN Article: College Drinking Games Lead to Higher Blood Alcohol Levels
Steve: haha, love the title
Jared: doesn’t really say much that couldn’t be said for drinking games
Steve: “The researchers found that playing drinking games, having a personal history of binge drinking, attending a party with many other intoxicated people, and attending a themed event all predicted higher blood alcohol levels.”
Steve: you don’t say
Jared: i know
Jared: i mean really
Steve: who paid for that study
Jared: and i bet writing with a blue pen results in a high chance your document will be in blue
Jared: what a waste of money

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Driving in Traffic

This might be one of the driest drawn out articles on the web, but the contents are very worthwhile. The article explains how to alleviate traffic jams. If I could summarize, I would, but it’d lose the translation. Check it out here: Traffic Waves.

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Happy New Year

Welcome to 2008. I don’t have much to complain about as I just got back to work from 2 stress-free weeks of vacation. I’m hoping that good attitude carries over for awhile, but I’m sure there will be some realizations to write about shortly. I had something trivial to post this morning about Facebook, but it’s more of a warning and found someone else has already posted it, so I thought I’d give him/her some credit:

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