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Shopping habits end Black Friday?

I understand the point of Black Friday to be a store offering some crazy deals in an attempt to lure you into the store. The store doesn’t want to sell everyone a $99 tv, but by offering 3 per store they can get 100 people to show up.

Over the course of the last few years, more and more people are shopping for these deals online. If this pattern continues, the store will only be selling the deep discounted items and will, most likely, not be able to get you to buy those other impulse buys you may have made in the store.

The end result will be stores not being able to offer such deep discounts because of the losses they aren’t making up in extra item sales.

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How to get a deal at Art Van Furniture

Looking to pick up some new furniture, perhaps at a discount? Here are some tips from my most recent furniture purchase.

  • LOCATIONS: Visit multiple locations.  Of the 3 stores I visited, there was different furniture on the floor at each one.  You may find something you like better or a similar piece at a better price
  • SPECIALS: Once you know what you want, check the Art Van website for current specials.  They love to run specials on Wednesday or holidays.  Sometimes it’s no sales tax, other times it’s a percentage off, or no-interest financing.  Also, check the Art Van Facebook page for “member” specials.  You qualify for these too!  If they are vague (ie “Huge Sale”) call the store and ask what the sale entails.
  • PAYMENT TYPE: Ask the salesperson if you can get an extra discount for paying with cash/check
  • SPECIAL ALTERNATIVE: Ask if you can get a discount instead of taking the interest-free financing
  • NEGOTIATE: If you’re salesperson won’t budge on the price, find a salesperson who will.  Find someone who has not spoken with you yet and blatantly ask them “Do you want to make a sale today?” If they can’t help either, be ready to walk away and wait for the next big sale
  • 30 DAY PRICE MATCH: After you make your purchase, you have a 30 day price guarantee.  Check back on the websites for new specials to make sure you got the best price possible (they won’t notify you of a better price, you have to call them on it)

During my experience, I did each of these things.  I found what I wanted at the 3rd store.  The couch was in stock in the color I wanted instead of having to special order a similar couch ($200 savings by not having to special order 2 pieces).  I asked about paying in cash and getting an extra discount instead of taking the financing but didn’t have luck with those.

When my salesperson would not budge on price (current offer was they pay 6% sales tax), I pretended to leave.  I then approached a salesperson and asked “Would you like to make a sale today?“.  I explained what I wanted and he went to talk to his manager and came back with a total of 10% off (+4% discount from existing sale).  When I explained that I was hoping for more of a discount, I was informed of a special at one store only where I could get 20% off (+14% discount from existing sale).  The event was advertised on facebook but did not explicitly state the percent savings.  A quick call to the store confirmed 20% off.

I have been checking the website for better deals now that I’m in my 30 day price match period.  This Wednesday there is a 15% off special.  Not quite what I got, but if you would have paid full price, it would be a significant savings.

Happy furniture hunting!

November 16, 2010 at 1:56 pm 7 comments

When it’s Advantageous to be 280lbs plus

I don’t shop for clothes much. In fact, I don’t shop much in general. But when I do, I have a complex about spending more than I feel is fair for an item. So on those rare clothes shopping occasions, my first, and usually only stop is in the clearance area (because come on, a “graphic t-shirt” shouldn’t cost $18). You can be guaranteed two things when browsing in this section.

  1. The area is a disaster of clothes
  2. For every medium sized article, there are 50 XXL. For every pair of size 32 pants, there are 20 pairs of 44×32 pants

I’m tired of being discriminated against in the clearance section. Why don’t they order more medium sized clothes and less extra large? It seems like they have the demand for the medium size clothes, since there are hardly any left for clearance. Instead, they run out of mediums and are overstocked with XXL. Come on. This may cause there to be less in the clearance area, but it can’t be any worse than it is now.

August 12, 2009 at 2:53 pm 1 comment

Grocery Store Checkout Lane Invention

As grocery stores have yet to convert to the first come first serve single queue lines like you see in a bank, it’s time for a new addition to the checkout lane. Atop each cashier, a digital display should display the employees throughput. Perhaps one stat would be the number of items scanned per minute, another being the number of guests processed per hour. These cues would help you pick lanes based on the employees efficiency. There’s nothing worse than having to choose between three lanes all with 2 people in them, and then watch as the other two lanes are processed twice as fast as yours.

January 13, 2009 at 11:00 am 1 comment

IKEA Aroma

IKEA is one of those stores with it’s own distinguishable aroma. Others have one, but most of the time it’s a Hollister or Abercrombie pumping cologne into the ventilation system. IKEA’s smell is pure in the scents (sense, get it?) that it is a combination between the smell of the products and the food they serve. It’s an interesting combination though; cheap particle board and cinnamon rolls.

I have to hand it to IKEA though, they do a good job of getting that cinnamon smell into the last 10 aisles of the store so you are nice and hungry by the time you checkout.

September 30, 2008 at 3:06 pm 1 comment

California ‘Dollar’ Store

So I’ve been in CA for a few days and pretty much everything is fairly similar here, bar the 50 cent increase in gas prices and the endless signs about causes of cancer.   Anyway, while driving I noticed California’s version of the Dollar Store.  They are called Dollar Quarter stores.  Everything is $1.25 instead of $1 like the dollar stores we are used to in the midwest.

Signs of things to come?  Hopefully not.  Dollar Quarter is a terrible name.

June 18, 2008 at 2:28 pm 2 comments

10% Discount

10% off is not a “sale”. I’m tired of stores in which every rack has a SALE sign with 90% of those signs reading 10% off. 10 percent matters on purchases of $1,000 or more.

May 27, 2008 at 9:31 am 2 comments

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