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Ridiculous Receipt

I went to K-Mart today to buy some Airborne. I paid and the cashier handed me a 22″ long receipt – 22 inches for one item. What?!?!?!? Only about an inch and a half has anything to do with my purchase.

So besides my amazement to the length of the receipt, I did notice a portion on the receipt about making donations to St Jude Research Hospital. I think instead of wasting all this paper, K-Mart should take the savings in printing me a 3″ receipt and donate that.

I know, it sounds ridiculous, but think about it. A quick search of the cost for a roll of cash register tape said for 50 rolls of 98′ feet, it’s $20.

Cost per inch of receipt:

$20 / ( 50 (rolls) x 98′ (feet/roll) x 12 (inches/foot) ) = .00034 cents per inch.

3″ * .0034 (cents/inch) = .001 OR 1/10 of a cent per receipt

22″ * .0034 (cents/inch) = .0078 or 7/10 of a cent

Costco, the only numbers I could find, average between 2900 and 3100 transactions per day per store. Assume that average and you’re generating $18 a day in donations per store and Kmart has, as of Jan 2006, 1,416 stores. Thats about $25,500 per day just by shortening the stupid receipt. Oh yea, I also didn’t count any of the cost of the ink needed to print the receipt so for the sake of the argument, lets just put that at another $5,000 that could be saved.

K-Mart, please donate my $30,000 to St. Jude. Thanks

See the original receipt in all it’s glory below

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Customer isn’t always right

I have been using for a few weeks now to compare housing prices in neighborhoods. It has worked out pretty well until this weekend when I found a house for sale and was interested in it. Well, after some investigation on another real estate site to see if there were more pictures, I found out that the picture was of a different house.


On Zillows website, there is a place to ‘flag content’. Here is the rollover provided by Zillow about reporting content:

Zillow Content Policy

So I emailed a quick note that the picture was of the wrong house and received the following email:

Dear User,

Thank you for taking the time to contact us.

If the photo that was uploaded for this property is incorrect, we have to receive a request coming from the owner that this is indeed a false image of the home. If you are the homeowner, please claim the ownership of this property and kindly send us an email for confirmation so we can delete the photo.

We appreciate your cooperation on this matter.

Best regards, Customer Service

Why would the homeowner want this picture removed and the correct one shown? It’s not going to benefit them any? I’m sure they would be up in arms if the house that was shown was smaller or more run down than theirs.

Realization: Why wouldn’t Zillow want to provide accurate information about the properties for sale to the users who ultimately allow them to make money (by visiting the site, you increase the amount they can charge advertisers for ad space)???? I’m still awaiting an answer . . . .

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Infuriating Shopping


I went to a brand new Wal-Mart Super Center today and it was packed. As I walked in the door, I turned to grab a shopping cart – not one in sight. In turned around to find that the other cart corral was empty as well. NOT ONE CART, anywhere! So I walked down to the other end of the store, same result.

Realization #1: If you have parking spaces for 1000 cars, you should have 1000 carts. I shouldn’t have to go back into the parking lot to find one for myself (which I did, the first cart corral was empty as well).


Also, with 26 checkout lanes, you would think that with less than three weeks until Christmas on a Saturday afternoon, you would have as many lanes as possible open. When, if not today, would all 26 lanes be available for checkout? If most of them were open, I’d have less of an issue, but there were less than half available – a whopping 12.

Realization #2: If you’ve got the lanes, shorten the lines.

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CDL – a new kind of license

This morning, a drive that normally takes me 30 minutes ended up taking 65 because of a light snow shower.  There was no reason other than the weather for the hour long backup, and I got to thinking:  there should be a lane for competent winter drivers, those who are able to drive normally in the snow. Let the idiots who get freaked out by 1/100″ inch precipitation drive in the other lanes and trudge along.

In order to be able to drive in the special lane, you would have to pass and extra driving test at your local license bureau. Upon passing the driving test, you’d get a special sticker for the plate of your car as well as a different license, a Competent Drivers License, so that you could drive in the lane. In the summer and/or good conditions, the lane could be used for carpools or HOV (High-occupancy vehiclie) lane.

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