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Sonic Drive In Review and Southgate Michigan Location

So I took some advice posted in the comments of Sonic Advertising and ate at a Sonic tonight. I was torn.


  • Blue coconut Slush was good.
  • Clean
  • Nice to see the roller waiter/waitress back in style and I liked the retro-drive in setup


  • Fries were cold
  • Drive-thru took 10 minutes and we were the only people in line
  • No ice in Lindsay’s lime-aid
  • Popcorn chicken container has a built-in sauce holder, which you would think would be a postivie. However, when you try to use it, the sauce blocks your access to the chicken because the holder is on the lid of the chicken container.

Directions to Southgate:

The new Sonic Drive-In location in Southgate MI is located in front of the Meijer at 16300 Fort St (Map)
The Sonic site now has the actual address of the location posted on their site. It’s 16270 Fort St, Southgate MI.

May 16, 2008 at 10:53 pm 18 comments

Sonic advertising

Over the last few months I have seen numerous commercials for Sonic Drive In. I myself have never seen a Sonic around the Detroit area and was curious after some people told me how good it was after visiting one in Florida.

I did some checking, and it turns out the closest Sonic to Detroit is in Fort Wayne Indiana, about a 200 mile drive (Sonics site tells me it’s 140 miles, but then when I ask for driving directions, the number magically turns to 194). So why would Sonic spend so much money advertising in the Detroit market when there isn’t even a Sonic in the state? Even if the eventual plans are to open one, months and months of advertising ahead of time can’t translate into huge profits on a 99 cent hot dog.

May 14, 2008 at 9:43 am 5 comments