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26 hours – 61 degrees

On my google homepage, I have the weather widget. It lets you get current weather conditions for multiple locations and for some reason, I have Detroit, Toledo, and Dayton all tracked. At first I liked being able to compare the temperatures across these 3 locations but lately, it’s getting me down. It’s always 8-10 degrees warmer in Dayton, which makes sense being about 4 hours south of Detroit. Goolge is always reminding me how spring comes earlier and winter comes later back home.

Anyway, this got me thinking about the temperature difference in destinations in comparison to time. (more…)

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1000+ views

This silly blog has reached a milestone; over 1000 views. I’ve gotten about half from google Image search results for “Snickers” and people looking for MSN messenger info, but the other half are legitimate co-workers, family and friends checking in.

I know the last week has been post free, but stress free vacation left me with nothing to complain about. I’m looking for good topics to write about so leave a comment and get me posting again.

November 27, 2007 at 6:40 pm 3 comments

Whats the point of a 24 hour hotline if . . .

I called this weekend to inquire about a possible mortgage as I am beginning the home buying process. The website claims that you can get 4 customized offers within minutes of filling out the online application. I filled out the form, submitted my request and waited. About an hour later after I had not received any type of information from LendingTreee, I called their 800 number.

Lending Tree

After sitting on hold for about 10 minutes, I got thru to a representative who looked up my information. He told me that I had not been assigned a loan officer and he would transfer me to one so we could get the process moving. I waited on hold again for a bit, until the same guy came back on the phone to inform me that there were no loan officers in the office (it was saturday morning) and that I could expect to have my offers within 24 to 48 business hours. I asked what the hours were, and he told me 9 – 5 M-F. That means 24 -48 business hours would really be 3 to 6 days, starting on Monday. The “in minutes” claim on the website had just grown about 5000 times longer.

The main point(s) I’m trying to make here is: Why have a 24 hour, 7 day a week phone number for me to call if you don’t employ anyone who can deal with my business needs 24 hours/ 7 days a week? Great, I got to waste 20 minutes on the phone because it’s not your business hours. If your claim is minutes – you should probably aim for at least hours, not days.

November 20, 2007 at 1:52 pm 3 comments

Christmas Birthday – double or nothing

With the giving season right around the corner, I found myself pondering about those who have birthdays right around the holiday season. In what range of dates would someone give one present in place of a separate birthday and Christmas gift. If you had a friend with a Dec 23rd birthday, would you give a present on the 23rd to then turn around 2 days later and give a Christmas present? Would you combine the two holidays and give one gift, potentially combining the amount of money you would normally spend on a birthday present and a Christmas one?

Here are a few situations I came up with and feel are appropriate, feel free to add your own in the comment section:


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Drew Carey Hosts Price is Right Disappoints

Has anyone else watched the new Price is Right with Drew Carey? I set the DVR to record one of the typical 11 am shows not to long ago and was severely disappointed. I had to stop watching in the middle of the first pricing game. The girl contestant was taking a long time to give a number, and I sat there waiting and expecting the typical “Come on now Erica, I need a number” response Barker would have snapped out. Instead, timid Drew just kinda stood there waiting. He just doesn’t have that charisma that Barker had.

Listen to Bob push her along; I miss how he made the idiots feel, well, like idiots:

Here’s a clip from the new show, its ok, only because the contestants situation is funny. Apparently this is the only funny moment because a quick search of youtube for ‘price is right drew carey’ returns basically nothing.

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I logged into my gmail account this morning and had received a letter from someone I have never met before in my life. I was invited to a party for her daughter and granddaughter in San Jose. Needless to say I was confused as to why I had received the invite. In the TO: field, I saw ‘steveconroy’, although my gmail username is ‘steve.conroy’. I’ve always thought that mattered, but according to google there is no difference between steveconroy, steve.conroy, or s.t.e.v.e.c.o.n.r.o.y. Gmail does not recognize dots (.) as part of the username and therefore any mail sent to any of those accounts come to me. Interesting.


The next time some annoying sales person asks me for my email address, I plan on responding “it’s steve…………….c.o.n.r.o.y…… at”

November 6, 2007 at 1:58 pm 1 comment

bcEOT – Equal Opportunity Tipping

Steve: whats your take on tipping?
Jared: ha for what
Steve: say you go to lunch, $8
Steve: what kind of tip do throw down
Jared: personally i think tipping has gone overboard
Jared: 20% i mean really, why doesn’t the restaurant just pay them more, they are already jacking the food prices up
Steve: exactly
Jared: i’ve been the stingy tipper at bars lately, 3.25 for a beer, 1 tip to open it….. 4.25 for a beer you kidding me!
Steve: yea, I say inital $1 tip, but after that it depends on service and what the bartender is doing for you
Steve: handing an open bottle – no tip, I can do that
Steve: making shots – tip
Jared: exactly
Jared: looove it
Steve: ok, so heres a little less black and white situation – you go to place A, 2 people, 1 appetizer, 2 meals, pop to drink, total comes to 30
Steve: you go to place B, have the same meals, but this place charges 60
Steve: service is the same in time for food, qualtiy of server, etc
Steve: are you double tipping at B
Jared: yea i would, and its not right
Steve: so $12 at B, $6 at A
Jared: because i bet server B pryly gets a better pay for the more expensive restaurant
Jared: but yes, i would not even think and do B12, A6
Steve: so better pay at B and a higher tip
Jared: We need some EOT
Steve: eot?
Jared: equal opportunity tipping
Jared: bcEOT
Steve: whats bc?
Jared: bacik conroy Equal Opportunity Tipping
Jared: a standard based on services not % of price
Steve: so # refills times .25
Steve: help chosing an item off the mneu $1
Steve: getting food to you in a quick manner $1
Steve: politeness – range of $1 – $3
Jared: ha exactly
Steve: just print a tipping schedule on the back of the menu
Jared: hell you get an app at HH for like 3 bucks, but she helps you pick it out in a polite manner and quickly receive that food, she could be getting 100%
Steve: waitors trying to cheat the system and ‘refilling’ your glass every 2 mins
Jared: hahah will always be cheaters
Jared: just sitting at your table when you sip they refill

November 2, 2007 at 2:54 pm 6 comments