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Simple Idea for Campus Safety

I received an email from UT today regarding campus safety and the steps the university is taking to enhance their readiness and ability to react to an incident that threatened the security of those on campus. I thought one of the initiatives was a very simple and elegant solution. It’s called ‘Red Alert’ and students can register their cell phone to receive a text or voice message in the event of danger.

An enhancement to the Red Alert program would be to allow users to be able to text or call to report danger, although some incidents may then be reported that don’t qualify as Red Alert safety concerns. In light of the recent campus tragedies, I would air on the side of caution and allow everyone to enact the alert.

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“SMS messages are transfered over air made of solid gold”

Jared found an interesting article that sure seems like it would have been written on this site. Check out this guys rant about the cost of Text messaging.

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