Dave and Buster’s Review

July 28, 2008 at 2:04 pm Leave a comment

I went to Dave & Buster’s for the first time this weekend and had mixed feelings after spending a few hours there.


  • I liked the overall concept, a place to eat, drink and play. It’s a business venture I would take on, if it didn’t already exist
  • Although I didn’t eat a meal there, the main restaurant was removed from the loud and neon lit arcade area. There were a lot of tables and a bar available in the gaming area, so you had your choice of where you would like to dine.
  • A large grouping of bar-oriented games were also removed from the midway. These included pool, shuffleboard, darts, and a few others. There seemed to be plenty of each available.
  • The beer was on average what you would expect to pay at a typical restaurant, and you could get drink service in between skee-ball rolls.


  • Smoking is permissible throughout the building.
  • There was not a large variety of ticket redemption games, nor was there a large variety in the arcade games either. Driving and shooting games occupied a good 80% of non-redemption games
  • The prizes (although not expecting much) were geared towards adults. This would be a pro, but my 950 tickets didn’t qualify me to buy anything even remotely fun or useful. The prizes cost too much real money, therefore cost at least 4,000 tickets. This also meant there weren’t any 10 ticekt army men, sticky hands, or a section devoted entirely to candy like in a regular arcade.
  • You have to buy a rechargeable card from D&B to play any of the games. For each card, theres a $2 activation fee.
  • All of the games cost fractions of credits to play. Games varied from 1.7 to 9.8 credits per play. This made it hard to actually get the last few credits worth out of your card. You either had to reload (it $10 increments), plan the last 10 credits out according to game price, or hunt down that one game that you could play with your remaining 2.2 credits
  • Overall, I think the night got a 6/10. I may go there again, but I would probably do a dinner/card combo. And I would recommend to anyone going, the $10 card is plenty of credits!

    A bowling alley, some lazer tag, or some glow-in-the-dark golf could enhance D&B, and probably put it up to an 8 or 9.


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