July 2, 2008 at 1:00 pm Leave a comment

Ever had a day where the actions of others around you annoyed you immensely?  Little things that usually wouldn’t bother you all got on your nerves?  What causes that syndrom of nearly automatic annoyance?

I think some of it may be sleep related.  Less sleep, more easily annoyed.  I think some of it may also be the length of time you’ve spent with the people.  Remember as a kid when you had that sleepover with your best friend Friday night, which then turned into an entire saturday afternoon and then another sleepover saturday night?  By Sunday morning you would fight about things that would never come up in a normal situation.

Now apply the best friend situation to people who you just work with.  Now they aren’t your best friend, so it dosen’t take 2.5 days of constant interaction.

Anyway, when is the pill coming out to block out coffe slurpers, nasily breathers, continuous sniffers, and all those other annoying habits?


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