Michigan Roads, if you can call them that

June 9, 2008 at 1:48 pm 1 comment

You would think that the home of the automobile would have nice roads to drive on.  It’s called the motor city for crying out loud.  Hundreds of new cars pour out of the assembly plants every day to find the worst possible roads to drive on.

Michigan roads are terrible.  Pot holes galore, construction non-stop, and they are extra loud.  Why?  Who knows.  Although one reason may be that there is no maximum load that semi trucks can carry.  This means that the roads can take a huge beating from trucks carrying loads that might not be legal in other states (like Ohio who have limits and smooth, quiet roads)  Which brings me to another question.  If there is no maximum, why does Michigan have truck weigh stations?


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  • 1. Kozmo Kramer  |  June 9, 2008 at 11:17 pm

    Weigh stations are designed to make sure trucks are carrying loads that they are capable of handling. It has nothing to do with the road. If a truck is designated to carry 10,000 pounds, the State does not want a truck to run with 12,000 pounds which would make it unsafe to operate. Many companies try to overload their trucks so that they make more $$ by taking more product to market. Trucks also pay taxes according to what they can carry. Therefore, if you care only supposed ot carry 10K and you pay the tax rate for that, you can make more money for the company or for yourself (for self owned trucks) by running with extra weight (product). Long story short, I tried to take empty pop cans into Michigan to get the 10 cents back and even though it didn’t show it on NBC, Newman and I got caught at a weigh station. Longer story shorter…the roads in Michigan are bad. The farther north, the more snow and freezing weather and salt, the worse they get.


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