Generational Success (or failures)

March 28, 2008 at 6:28 pm Leave a comment

An article written 40 years ago detailed how life would be in 2008. Reading now, it’s comical to see what people thought 2008 would be like. The full article can be read here

Things listed that have come about:

  • Digital drawing pads
  • Transferring digital sketch/design to someone 200 miles away instantly (or half way across the world)
  • Planes reaching 4000 mph
  • Whole-house humidifiers
  • cleaning robots (vacuum style)
  • Computers assist in budgeting, make travel reservations, complete taxes, and shop on the TV-telephone (aka internet)
  • Online/distance learning
  • TV screens cover entire walls
  • Artificial organs replace failing human organs

Things that were are still a ways away from:

  • National Traffic Computer that handles all of your driving
  • 250 mph cars on the highway
  • Rocket trips between continents
  • Domed cities for climate control
  • 4 hour average workday

  • Vacation at undersea or outer space resort
  • Seaweed and algae turned into food that looks and tastes like steak and other meats
  • Heart disease eliminated
  • 2 minute full medical diagnostic chair
  • Pill to insure memory retention

It should be a busy 8 months for the world


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