Multi-tone Car Horn

March 4, 2008 at 1:53 pm 2 comments

Over the last almost 10 years, I have found myself in a quite a few driving situations where I felt compelled to use my horn.  In some cases to alert idiot drivers of my presence, in others to let someone know I was there to pick them up.

Now with the current horn setup, we’ve all adapted our own styles to try and convey different messages with the horn (as well as using our lights in some cases)

  • Short tap – “I’m here, come on out”
  • Double tap – “Bye” or “hey, look over here so I can wave at you”
  • 15 second blast – “GO FASTER”, “WATCH OUT”, “IDIOT”, etc
  • Flash of the brights – “Move over so I can go around” or “I’m letting you in”

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a multi-tone horn that could convey different messages.  Instead of new drivers having to learn the unwritten language of the horn/lights, they could hear “MOVE” from you car.

My first prototype would have the following tones/messages:

  • Hey Friend- good for waving and making presence known for pickups and departures
  •  HEY!!!!  –  accident prevention mode
  • My bad – the appropriate response to acknowledge wrongdoing from someone receiving the HEY!!!! tone
  • Come on in – alerting other driver there is space to merge, it’s their turn at the stop sign, or go ahead and back out I want your spot.

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  • 1. ben  |  March 4, 2008 at 4:07 pm

    Session Start (benbabics:steviechs): Tue Mar 04 11:04:09 2008
    [11:04] benbabics: LOL
    [11:04] benbabics: nice post
    [11:04] steviechs: thanks
    [11:04] benbabics: haha
    [11:04] steviechs: comment?
    [11:04] benbabics: i’m still laughing
    [11:05] benbabics: no, because my comment would be something to the extent of “LOL nice post hahaha i’m still laughing”
    [11:05] steviechs: thats ok
    [11:05] benbabics: exactly what i IM’d you
    Session Close (steviechs): Tue Mar 04 11:05:24 2008

  • 2. Richard  |  March 5, 2008 at 3:12 pm

    I think this is a time when we can look to TV and learn.

    The General Lee (Dukes of Hazard fame for all you youngens) had a multi-tone horn that communicated something special to those that heard it. To their friends it said, “Hey, Bo and Luke are back and all is well.” To the town officials it said, “Hey, Bo and Luke are here and and ready to rub your nose in it.” This form of communication does break down as there was only one tonal sequence so, it is dependent on driving a readily recognizable car and knowing everyone.

    Still, others have taken their lead from the General Lee. This is just a sample:

    Then there is the ever popular KITT. KITT had the advantage of verbal communication which was good for theft deterrent. The verbal communication doesn’t work well in traffic, but a vehicle with KITT’s talents could probably sing various melodies to achieve the results you desire.

    Bonus Link: Johnny Cash tribute to the General Lee


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