Ramblings lead to over-zealous MSN drawing

January 15, 2008 at 3:30 pm Leave a comment

Another installment of typical Jared/Steve conversations:

Jared: its really coming down out here
Jared: i’m glad i actually beat the snow in
Steve: oh yea? are you going to be snowed in?
Jared: i pray to god we don’t get snowed in
Steve: you could get a lot of quality time with ABC Fire
Steve: and/or your co-workers
Jared: both of which are horrible horrible alternatives
Steve: hahahaha
Steve: I have a perfect storm situation for you:
Jared: ok
Steve: snowed in, no internet, no power
Steve: now you’re reduced to either drawing a deck of cards on some index cards or tossing a ball against the wall
Jared: hahhha
Jared: i draw the cards, that would take a long time
Steve: nah – 15 minutes?
Jared: i’d make it longer!
Jared: draw all the suits like 6 clubs for a 6 of clubs
Steve: you making perfect cards
Steve: oh yea then, you’d have some issues with the J, Q, K
Jared: yea definitely
Jared: i don’t know what they look like off the top of my head
Steve: you could just do stick people
Jared: very true
Steve: MSN Drawn King
Jared: hahahhahahahaha
Jared: that is pretty impressive


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